Could Not Have Done This Without You music and poetry project


^A culminating image based on the 14 collages as part of the project.


Could Not Have Done This Without You is a collaborative music, poetry, and art project. I'm your host, Phillip J. Mellen. And part of the experience are lyrics, and collages made by me. But what truly makes this project remarkable, imho, is the music that rallies around said elements.

 We made a record. Our lathe cut vinyl album is slated for release quite soon. On July 21st 2024 to be precise. There is a release party, 2 actually, they will take place at the Co Creative Center in New Bedford, MA 02740 on Sunday July 21st, and Sunday July 28th, both from 2-4pm. 

The festivities will feature select poems read live that are on the album. A capella  style. Also an album listen in all of its narrative glory. A collage exhibition of all collages inspired by the album. Also worth a mention...there will be a unique version of a 'photobooth' backdrop! Oh, and a giveaway or two.

The project's collaborator roster is made up of 14 local musicians that I have had the pleasure of listening to, attending their live shows, following their numerous musical outfits over the years...since as far back as 2007. And can also call them friends at this point. And now I am part of the time capsule that this dream come true album has become. Finally on record as a contemporary. It is an honor. 

[ #CNHDTWY is fourteen musicians, poets, and singers that have dedicated themselves to a set of poems. Together they tell the story of contact, loss, love, and friendship...all taking place by shore, city, afterlife, and outer space. Don't miss it! ]

And here are those musicians and voices on this record that have so wonderfully brought it to life:

Shelley Cardoos

Kevin Fernandes

Ethan Weiss

Mark Arruda

Sarah Jane Mulvey

Chris Evil

Nick LeBlanc

Ryan Coffey

Kevin Grant

Keith Borges

Kat Knutsen

Dug McCormack

Dena Haden

Kristin Dupre

With additional skills and input by 

Eric Isaacsen

and Andy Anello

not to mention the artful mastering of the album by Joe Reilly at Black and Blue Mastering in New Bedford! 

Thank you all.

Well, there are so many people to thank and more details to highlight. But perhaps you can make one of our gatherings and see and hear for yourself, I can't wait. We can't wait,... to share our project that has finally come to a place where we can release it into the world after 2 and a half years of crafting it. 

P.s. below are 2 tracks that we already released, for a taste of the full length album, thanks!