Monday, July 27, 2015


I am in a group show opening this Thursday, July 30th, titled GOING BIG! The show features 111 artists in total, from around the US, and is not to be missed. If you are in the New York City area, I would like to invite you to the show. GOING BIG is on view through August 28. More info below.
 Image by Robert Gregson
Click on image to visit Central Booking website.

Opening Party July 30th 6-8pm
21 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002

*Closing Party: August 28 5-7pm

Exhibiting Artists:
Alan Van Every
Altoon Sultan
Andrew Small
Andy Cunningham
Anne Russinof
Arlene Rush
Assunta Sera
Barbara Laube
Barbara Marks
Barbara Slitkin
Bascha Mon
Bernard Klevickas
Betty Carroll Fuller
Beverly Fishman
Binnie Birstein
Blossom Verlinsky
Bonny Leibowitz
Brian Cypher
Cameron McMunn Coffran
Carl Hazlewood
Carol Radsprecher
Carol Salmanson
Caroline Blum
Carolyn Louise Newhouse
Connie Goldman
David Miller
David Taylor
Debbie Hesse
Dee Shapiro
Diane Englander
Donna Ruff
Doug Holst
Eliot Markell
Elizabeth Gourlay
Elizabeth Riley
Frankie Gardiner
Fred Gutzeit
Galen Cheney
George Blaha
Gerry McLean
Grace Graupe-Pillard
Heidi Pollard
Helen Crawford
Helen O’Leary
James Prez
Jane Catlin
Janet Lage
Jeanne Heifetz
Jeanne Tremel
Jill Vasileff
Joan Fitzsimmons
Joan Mellon
Joanne Mattera
Jonathan Cowan
Jonathan Edelhuber
Jordan Nodelman
Joy Bush
Joyce Miller
Judy Pfaff
Judy Rifka
Julia Schwartz
Julie Alexander
Julie Torres
Karen Schifano
Karen Schiff
Karleen Loughran
Kathy Goodell
Kevin Daly
Krista Svalbonas
Kyle Gallup
Laura Moriarty
Liz Pagano
Louisa Waber
Maggie Sullivan
Marc Salz
Marion Belanger
Mary Bucci McCoy
Meg Atkinson
Megan Geckler
Melanie Parke
Nancy Baker
Nancy Natale
Nick Gaetano
Noe Jimenez
Pam Farrell
Peter Reginato
Peter Williams
Phillip J. Mellen
Ravenna Taylor
Rebecca Young
Ricardo Paniagua
Richard Bottwin
Richard Kooyman
Rita Valley
Robert Gregson
Roy Staab
Ruth Hiller
Sky Pape
Steven Baris
Susan Breen
Susan Carr
Susan Cutler Tremaine
Susan Knight
Susan Post
Susan Scott
Suzan Shutan
Tamar Zinn
Taro Suzuki
Tracey Physioc Brockett
Valerie Brennan

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Poem: My Eyes Rumbled and Swelled


I have been making the habit of keeping a pen and some paper at my bedside. This poem was drafted by this new exercise in writing and recording my thoughts. I wrote My Eyes Rumbled and Swelled a few evenings ago and edited and tweaked it just yesterday during the overcast of the morning. I hope you will give a listen and that you enjoy this, one of my most intense poems to date. 

My Eyes Rumbled and Swelled

The back of my eyes rumbled and swelled,
and she danced up-side-down

saying that she is coming home with me-
I tripped down damp pavements,
we survived

we lay-
and I watched the blurry shadows on the ceiling,
as we shared our trapped bodies-
in perfect penmanship

when things dried up-
and the clouds cleared,
I poured dirt upon my bed,
to bury the memory

well, it sprouted again this Spring,
my eyes rumbled and swelled.


July 2015

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