Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quiet music: Morandi, my eyes are a stylus

Giorgio Morandi

What if our eyes saw sound? Traced over or running over things, like with hands? Only as the eye would. "Untouched" but a physical experience none-the-less. Is this experience somehow aural? Can it be? Not as our own voice speaking to us about what the thing "is" but what it sounds like. Like a stylus on a turntable.

My eyes are a stylus. 

UPDATE: 9/04/2014

Posted on YouTube 8/04/2014 - A research team may have actually proven this idea to be true. Well...figured out that the reflecting of sound off an object can be picked up by video alone. Ultrasound?  I guess it's recording the sound via image/object and not the image via sound.

Very interesting to come by this study given my poetic ramblings about the concept. 

More info on my addition to the thought: I recorded my poetic notion "my eyes are a stylus" on this, what I thought to be, imaginary phenomenon on February of 2011, according to Soundcloud. So,...all these years I thought it was just a dream. Possibility? Anyway, nice to think about, especially as artists. 

I hope you will visit the link provided and hear, err, see for yourself. 

Featured on Art Orbiter

"the backyard sprinkler was left on" acrylic on foam 2013

This painting is featured on Art Orbiter. You can check out the post here: Art Orbiter. It's worth the trip, many other artists are on the site as well, so it is a great site to poke around. Thank you Art Orbiter for featuring my work.