Quiet music: Morandi, my eyes are a stylus

Giorgio Morandi

What if our eyes saw sound? Traced over or running over things, like with hands? Only as the eye would. "Untouched" but a physical experience none-the-less. Is this experience somehow aural? Can it be? Not as our own voice speaking to us about what the thing "is" but what it sounds like. Like a stylus on a turntable.

My eyes are a stylus. 

UPDATE: 9/04/2014

Posted on YouTube 8/04/2014 - A research team may have actually proven this idea to be true. Well...figured out that the reflecting of sound off an object can be picked up by video alone. Ultrasound?  I guess it's recording the sound via image/object and not the image via sound.

Very interesting to come by this study given my poetic ramblings about the concept. 

More info on my addition to the thought: I recorded my poetic notion "my eyes are a stylus" on this, what I thought to be, imaginary phenomenon on February of 2011, according to Soundcloud. So,...all these years I thought it was just a dream. Possibility? Anyway, nice to think about, especially as artists. 

I hope you will visit the link provided and hear, err, see for yourself.