Untitled | Favorite Sounds

Facebook has proven to be a very good thing for my projects and studio life in general. I've been a part of the art community there for six or seven years now and as a result been involved in many collaboration projects, and art exhibitions. These experiences have enriched my life and art practice.

So, on to a new collab? This fresh audio composition started as a facebook post calling for fb friends to list their favorite sounds in said post's comment thread. Once collected over the course of five days it dawned on me: "I should compile the list of sounds as sounds." And not to simply sit in the silence of a fb post.

Next I went over to freesound.org to search for the sounds, and I found most of them there. Some just didn't fit so I left them out, and some weren't available in the archive there.
As the process progressed I meditated quite a bit about where I wanted this track to go. Even scrapped and early edit so close to a finish because it wasn't quite right. All toll I spent about 9 days with these sounds reverberating in my head, finally it's finished.

This is a collaboration. I enjoy working on collabs, even if the participants are far and away. Thanks, internet.

Here are the sounds, and the people who shared them:

Kerry, and Jennifer both commented with a common loon.
Gwen, Jennifer, and Donna commented with a crackling fire.
Jay, and Suzanne with quiet/silence.
Jessica, J Rebecca, Lee Ann, Valerie, and Ruth commented with waves/the sea/ocean.
Mike commented with a distant train.
Sabrina commented with walking in snow.
Carol, Julie, Peter, and John commented with bird song/wood thrush/birds in the early morning/wren banter.
Clair commented with seagulls.
Janice with bugling elk.
Richard commented with skateboard ollie pop and land.
Paul commented with electric guitar.
Some extra supporting cast of sounds edited in by me.

Thanks everyone for sharing your favorite sounds.

Listen to the track below: 


(Elk 3 sound file I also got on freesound.org here: freesound.org/people/Hyperionn/sounds/250188/ - Thanks, Hyperionn!
Used under creative commons license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Hyperionn does not endorse me or my project in any way, just posting info here to give credit where credit is due under the attribution license.)