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Holiday(s) Greetings! 

I've been painting a lot these days in preparation for my upcoming solo-show loosely scheduled sometime in the Spring months, but now that it's still cold, 32* at the time of this post, and the holidays are upon us I thought I would send along a gift. This is not visual but an audio track inspired by the Christmas season, on my end of the celebration. But if you have ever been on horseback, rickshaw, or even helped Santa steer his sleigh, I bet you can find joy in this 'Christmas Carol' I'm sure. 

 Computer scan of a few paper cut-outs and a mini sequined Christmas tree. (doesn't everybody have one?)

Please listen below, just tap the orange play button:

The upper right-hand corner of the player, that's where the gift part of this holiday post comes in, you can download this track for free if you are so moved. I would also love to hear what you think, or even be so honored if this song made its way onto your holiday music playlist. (a holiday wish of mine.)

So please enjoy this from my little music project to your devices. Cheers, and Happy Holidays! Thanks.




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