I wanted to share some great news! I will be a part of Wanderer, an international group show featuring the work of:

Matthias Bausch / Dresden, Germany
Karl Bielik / London, UK
Edward Clayton / London, UK
Judith Farr / Lleida, Spain
Marielle Hehir / London, UK
Erin Lawlor / London, UK
Jai Llewellyn / Glasgow, UK
Phillip J Mellen / NY, USA
Fran O'Neill / NY, USA
Winnie Seifert / Dresden, Germany
Sabine Tress / Bonn, Germany

This exhibition is curated by artist Matthew Macaulay of Pluspace, Coventry. Held at Angelika Studios in High Wycombe outside of London!

I'm honored to be grouped together with so many artists and their work that I admire. Photos to come soon!

For more info on the show, please visit here: Angelika Studios

Thanks for your support!