Saturday, June 14, 2014

This is not a poetry slam

This is not a poetry slam.

Poems read in this video:

She ceased to sing
a pause
and I wade
in the dark

what should I do now
what happened
what have I done?

it was only a breath long
though it felt like days

she never looked away

if only I knew
if only I had
I would have noticed-

that I didn't look away either
we, as silent language

for a breath
until death.


we share in horses
birds sing in yellow
as the sun
the sun

the wind and the weekend
shook our cameras
to bits
to pieces

our heads
are so tired with each other
what a curse...

we too, sing for more

from the day
through the night
our eyes
they held tight

as our ears made out...

with each other
we grew tired
so we gave back
we gave in.

Poems by Phillip J. Mellen

thank you


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