Podcasting Painters: David A. Linneweh and Phillip J. Mellen in conversation

As many may know, I host an artist interview podcast. My experiences as a host of such a show has been tremendously rewarding and inspiring. Here, I figured I would share a recent conversation with another artist interview podcast host. None other than David A. Linneweh of Studio Break. A little tech talk, a little insight, and a whole lot of gratitude. Please listen in and hear why we do what we do, and just a bunch on how it influences us. Influences us as painters, hosts, and as people. Check it out below:

Click image below to listen in:

Host of Studio Break, David A. Linneweh

Host of ahtcast, myself...Phillip J. Mellen

Where you can find Studio Break, click image below:


Where you can find ahtcast, click image below:


(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen. Outro music by Ani
DiFranco and Utah Phillips)


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