Previous Work, revisited selections...


plastic and wooden picture frames
22" x 77"


acrylic, string on canvas
30" x 65"


mixed media on canvas
41" x 30"

I was updating my website, and came across three images that I feel speak to each other.  It is interesting to see your own jpegs, stock-piled on your hard-drive, that somehow lead you to see them in a different way.  This experience lead me to make this post.  A mini-retrospective of the year 2010.  These works visually sum-up my ideas and practices for a very creative time for me.  This time came just before discovering the rigid foam I use so much now.  These assemblages/combines come direct from my core, a core that loves object, loves shape, loves color harmony and uniform, and most importantly: composition. 

I am reminded of how the "domestic" life influenced these works.  They are portraits haunted by the ghosts of the past, by one's desire to decorate to create a comfortable homestead, and also deal with familial isssues. 

As my work takes a new direction in 2011, I'm reminded of where I came from.  I love to assemble, to build, to use chroma and compose to achieve visual poetry. Here's to the new.

Thanks for reading. -Phillip