the Ephemeral nature of what I do, maybe?

The above is a video starring some of my latest paintings. I chose to take them into a local church parking lot and do some filming. The soundtrack is something I composed as well, with the help of some great sound files from

The video documents an impromptu and untraditional exhibition. Lasting only but a short while. Lasting only as long as my camera's memory card can store video. The ephemeral aspects of an exhibition sped up and/or left to but a glimpse. Fleeting only for myself and maybe a pedestrian or two. The video holds moments of these paintings subject to elements of passing wind, beaming light from overhead and uneven pavement where they stand. Vulnerable to all. Heavy enough of a structure to hold upright? The video is a metaphor for the "Artworld's" potential judgement? Aesthetics that rain on them and threaten their rigidity to have a second showing and on and on.

This maybe there only moment in an exhibition, there in those brief moments and now in this video. Maybe they are immortalized because I filmed these minutes and edited them down to what they are? Or they may show again in some yard sale or thrift store showroom when I am long gone, who knows? Hopefully immortalized in and on this great interweb...