Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Poem: My Eyes Rumbled and Swelled


I have been making the habit of keeping a pen and some paper at my bedside. This poem was drafted by this new exercise in writing and recording my thoughts. I wrote My Eyes Rumbled and Swelled a few evenings ago and edited and tweaked it just yesterday during the overcast of the morning. I hope you will give a listen and that you enjoy this, one of my most intense poems to date. 

My Eyes Rumbled and Swelled

The back of my eyes rumbled and swelled,
and she danced up-side-down

saying that she is coming home with me-
I tripped down damp pavements,
we survived

we lay-
and I watched the blurry shadows on the ceiling,
as we shared our trapped bodies-
in perfect penmanship

when things dried up-
and the clouds cleared,
I poured dirt upon my bed,
to bury the memory

well, it sprouted again this Spring,
my eyes rumbled and swelled.


July 2015

Thank you for your support! 

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